Magical meetings, and that bike-and-train life


Well, I’m pleased to say that the life I had outlined a few posts ago seems to be unfolding pretty well so far!

I’m still in Portland, and still sitting for “Mr. Simba,” as I like to call him, but between visiting my friend in Salem (on what turned out to be a bit of a “vintage” Amtrak Cascades train set with old-timey windows that tinted and framed my photographic appreciations just so) and donating plasma for some extra cash up in Vancouver (Washington) I’ve been really enjoying the various train and bicycle infrastructure of this region. I hope you enjoy the “photo essay.” I’m still working on manifesting the funds I will need to truly get back out on the road again—like to Montreal, and England!—but in the meantime, I’m doing my best to savor the beauty that is right here, right now.

And I’ve also had some wonderful Magical Meetings this past week, in accordance with my vision! I met with a woman in a sort of enchanted living situation in SW Portland, for whom I might do some cat sitting in the future, but who also, regardless, was right on the same page with me about a lot of my dreams and visions, so I’m happy to help her to hold her own visions, and I’m looking forward to staying in touch as both of our lives continue to unfold.

I also spoke with a retired English gentleman who is four years into a ten-year journey around the world! Like me, he travels car free, mostly by train with occasional buses. He told me about a cool English-language-tutoring app (Cambly, which I had vaguely heard of before) which might offer me an opportunity for a bit of income as well as cultural exchange, talking to adult students around the world who are seeking native English speakers to practice with in conversation.

This world is so full of so many wonderful things!

Including this sleepy cat. Goodnight, from Simba and me both.

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