A year and a half since I embarked


Wow. September 10th, 2021 is when I embarked on my new bike-focused nomadic lifestyle! I traveled my planned loop around the US and Canada for exactly a year plus one week… which means it has been almost exactly six months since I completed the loop. That feels wild to me. The journey seemed to stretch on forever! Now that I have been in one place, the past six months have flown by.

I’m looking forward to traveling again, and this past week my mind has shifted from my train-to-Montreal, then-possibly-England, then-possibly-continental-Europe dream. At this point I’m feeling strongly drawn to England, so I’m thinking maybe I could head straight there in mid-May. I could see the “Marillion weekend” in Leicester in late May, rather than in Montreal in mid-May. (There’s another prog event in Poland in July—featuring Steve Hackett and IQ, among others—that would be really cool to attend as well… possibly I can?)

I found an outrageously low airfare to London on May 18th. Not sure if I’m ready to take that leap yet, but I’m considering it!

Meanwhile, this past week has been full of activity, from sadly saying goodbye to that little cutie Simba, to attending various medical and plasma appointments around the metro area, to doing a bit of English tutoring on Cambly, to having some wonderful magical meetings with folks around the globe.

Last week I forgot to mention one I had had with my friend Elizabeth in Ajijic, Mexico (Elizabeth, hello if you’re reading this!) who told me what a wonderful place that is, and how much she appreciates the community of local residents as well as US and Canadian visitors and immigrants.

This week, I spoke with my new friend Jo in South Africa, who is living a rather parallel life to mine: 49 years old, vegan, living as a car-free nomadic pet sitter, and and even a life coach! We had a great conversation about our nomadic pet sitting lifestyle and our respective dreams and goals.

I also talked with a new friend, Angela, in Boise, Idaho, who is about to sell her house and take off with her husband in their new RV to live nomadically in their retirement. She is an artist, and she had some cool perspectives on life and human connections that I enjoyed learning about.

Finally, I had a great conversation with a van-lifing friend in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Kathrine has lived—and continues to live—a courageous and fascinating life, and I always feel inspired after talking with her.

Soon I will also write about my amazingly inspiring friend Mimi, in Berkeley, and her startup nonprofit in Botswana.

I’m so blessed to be constantly connecting with such interesting people. I’ve got more magical meetings lined up for the coming week, as well.

I love this life!!

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