“This is my life now”

Saying goodbye to my condo for a year

September 10, 2021

A couple of years ago, I wrote a blog post about how I started to “dream into” long-distance train travel, years ago.

And for the past year, as I have dreamed into this bike tour, I have employed a similar mind trick, which I believe has contributed to my success in being able to manifest this journey, and to be enjoying it so much so far:

For the past year, whenever I would notice myself bicycling around Portland—which was quite often, because I commuted to work three miles each way, four days a week, as well as doing most of my errands by pedal power—I would smile and say to myself, “This is my life now.” I would often follow up with a few more words, to the effect of “I ride around the country on my bike, going through neighborhoods just like this, and enjoying the scenery in each moment.”

Every time I did this, it gave me a lift. I would smile and think of how much I loved my life, and also think ahead to when this really would be “my life” 100% of the time.

And last night, that new life actually began!

Several times today, on my scenic ride to Salem from Portland, I said to myself, “This is my life now.” And then I smiled and smiled. I would glance back at my neon trailer, and feel the weight as I pulled it, and recognize that slight circumstantial difference from when I said those words before, vs. today. Today, it was really, really real!

But it was real all along, too. And I find that there is such a power in recognizing the components of dreams that are already real, already true. Such power in taking a moment whenever we notice it, and feeling joy and gratitude about the piece of our dream(s) that is already occupying space in our life as it is.

I invite you to try this in your own life. What is a dream you have? What is the “dream life” you would like to lead? What would it look and feel like, on a day-to-day, even moment-to-moment, basis? What parts of it do you already have? (Or could you easily add, even if only partially?) I invite you to step fully into gratitude for these aspects, every time you notice them, and affirm to yourself that “this is my life now.”

Now a brief travelogue from today:

The weather was unseasonably cool and overcast, and I even got misted on a few times. But I enjoyed the lack of blazing sun and heat, and thoroughly enjoyed the first full day of my journey.

After a lovely overnight stay with my Warmshowers hosts near my condo in SE Portland (which followed a lovely dinner from Siri Thai that a friend gifted me, in a park just as dusk was falling) I pedaled off this morning to the Milwaukie Transit Center. I had debated bicycling the whole way to Salem, but ultimately decided I didn’t want to face those formidable hills in Oregon City on my very first day. (I could just imagine blowing out my knees and ruining things for the foreseeable future.) So I rolled my rig onto a TriMet bus at the transit center, and rode it about half an hour, until we reached the top of the hill in Oregon City.

My rig on the bus

From there, it was a fairly easy and straightforward ride to Salem. I stopped for a snack in a Woodburn park, then again in Salem before arriving at my Warmshowers hosts for tonight. They are a delightful couple, and we shared several hours of pleasant conversation, as well as a brief walk to a neighborhood creek with a new bridge.

I thought of my friend Jeanne when I saw these gentle creatures today.
I was just talking about goats last night with my hosts, and then what should I encounter today?

A part of me still can’t believe that “this is my life now”… but it is. I am so happy and so grateful.

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