November benefit for Standing Rock

Wow, are we living in tumultuous times.  The US presidential election is upon us, and the political season feels more frenzied and dark than I can ever recall, with most Americans (not to mention others around the globe) feeling some combination of outrage and despair.

Meanwhile—and entangled with the election—racial tensions continue to escalate.  In my last blog post, I was focused on #blacklivesmatter, and I offered a Happy to Listen benefit for the month of August.  Now we’re coming up on November, and as Thanksgiving approaches here in the US, native people are fighting for their land and water in North Dakota.  I feel this juxtaposition keenly, and I’m feeling called to do another benefit, this time for both Happy to Listen (empathy and sacred witnessing) and Dream Into Change (life coaching for culture shifters).

If you would like to talk openly about your feelings in the midst of this political and cultural turmoil—or if you have ideas for culture-shifting projects to move beyond this current state of affairs, and would like emotional and/or strategic support in turning them into reality—I invite you to participate.

For the month of November, if you mention this benefit when scheduling a Happy to Listen or Dream Into Change session, I will donate 50% of the proceeds from your session(s) to  (Sliding scale available if finances are a barrier; I want everyone to be able to participate in this benefit if they wish to.)  I deeply admire those people who have chosen to put themselves physically on the line to protect native people’s land and water, against corporate fossil-fuel interests.  Since I am not physically standing with them, I want to support these folks financially, and I invite you to join me, either by participating in this benefit and/or by donating directly.  To schedule a session, you may email me at or call me at 971-303-8395.

In any case, I wish you all the best during these times, and I hope you will join me in continuing to hold a vision—and to take actions toward that vision—of a world with justice and integrity for all people and our land and natural resources.