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Are you inspired to support my vision and journey financially? Please read on to learn more, including testimonials. (Or just skip down to “How to donate”!)

My vision

During my life, I have done many things I am proud of, to align my actions with the world I want to live in. In various volunteer and paid capacities, I have worked as a recycling center sorter, door-to-door political canvasser, election phone banker, administrative and outreach worker for the nation’s first car sharing company, and nonviolent communication assistant teacher in a prison. I have run a successful campaign to get vegan meals on the dining car menus of Amtrak’s long-distance trains (although sadly that decision has since been partially reversed.) For five years, I worked closely as a volunteer on the inmate-led initiative at the Oregon State Penitentiary to establish the nation’s first Japanese healing garden inside a prison.

When meaningful and inspiring opportunities come my way, I am excited to get involved.

My current passion, though—and one I have held for more than fifteen years, as of this writing—is to listen deeply to my fellow human beings, especially those who also have dreams of making the world a better place. I believe in a “rainbow network” of humanity, and I believe it is my life’s “assignment” to care deeply for myself to glow my own light as brightly as possible, and then to also support others in glowing their own inner lights, so that we may build and strengthen a worldwide network of empowered, healing people to bring peace and thriving to our planet.

But here’s the rub:

There are no job listings on LinkedIn or Indeed.com for this life mission. It is my own, and I believe it is my responsibility to this earth to devote myself fully to it, rather than squandering my time and energy in a traditional job. I did so for 18 years—from 2003 to 2021—in an administrative job at a retail store. At the time, I believed I had to cling to this employment for my own financial solvency… but the lack of meaning in the work crushed my soul on an almost daily basis for all of those 18 years. And, my ability to hold the kind of space I have always wanted to hold for others was significantly diminished during that time because of the time and energy I devoted to tasks such as typing up invoices for helium tanks.

Two years ago, I set myself free from that job, and spent a year traveling around the United States and Canada by train and bicycle. It was a life-changing experience, and I met countless amazing and inspiring people.

My intention for myself is to continue traveling, around the United States and the world, for the foreseeable future, strengthening the rainbow network. I am able to travel relatively inexpensively, because I live car free and stay in the homes of the cats I care for as a full time cat sitter. I have also been earning a small income from English-language tutoring on the Cambly website.

These income streams, however, are not quite enough to sustain me.

My vision for myself is to offer “magical meetings”—where I hold space for people to share their dreams and visions and/or their life challenges—and to offer these for free, in person or by phone or video chat, while being financially supported by “fairy godfunders,” as well as smaller one-time or ongoing donors.

In the past, I attempted to make a business out of this concept: first it was empathetic listening, and later life and travel coaching. But I found that I was never able to find enough paying clients. And in fact, many of the people whose personal wellbeing, and work in the world, I feel drawn to support, cannot afford to pay someone to offer what I offer. So my vision now is to decouple the work from the income.

So, if you are reading this, and you like my vision, and you have some extra money ($10? $100? $10,000? $60,000? More?) I hope you will read the following testimonials to get a feel for the value of what I am offering, and then send me a donation of whatever amount feels joyful, easeful, and inspiring to you.

How to donate

One-time donation: paypal.me/dreamintochange 

Ongoing monthly support: patreon.com/dreamintochange

Fairy godfunding (donations larger than those sites are designed for): contact me at maren@dreamintochange.com to discuss logistics

Also, with or without any financial contribution, if you are reading this and you feel drawn to have a free magical meeting with me, please message me to get one on the calendar! I would love to support you in your life’s dreams.


I can’t say enough good things about Maren and her Dream Into Change work! Maren herself is so positive and inspirational, it’s a pleasure just being in her energy. And her sessions are life-changing and transformative! I received some incredible feedback and clarity around my life’s work and purpose and left the session feeling FIRED UP about who I am and what I do in the world. Maren has this unique ability to really “see” people and this is the biggest gift I feel she offers creative, visionary people—seeing their bigness and helping them to manifest their destiny in the world.” – SS

Sometimes, difficult truths dodge around in my mind’s shadows avoiding my gaze, and I can bring them out into the light only by focusing intently on them while describing out loud what I’m seeing—in real, audible words spoken to a real, live, listening, interested, safe human sitting with me. Maren skillfully held that shared safe space for me—not something just anyone can do—and I was the better for it. After our Magical Meeting, I sat under a tree alone and looked inward in silence, now able to examine the hidden, shadowy things that had come to light. – TK

Maren inspired me from the first moment I saw her, on stage sharing her life stories from childhood. Our friendship has grown over 15 years, during which time she continues to amaze me in her ability to dive deep for her dreams and yet still stay humble. She knows exactly how to comfort and hold space for compassion while gently nudging you to see the “higher path.” She’s kind and passionate and daring and joyful all rolled into one fierce being. Go live your best life, with Maren’s light as your beacon.” – DB

If there was one person with enough energy to be everyone’s best friend, it’s Maren. Through her healing sessions you learn about things, like quality things that give you confidence to continue following your intuitions, no matter how big the problem is. – PM

Maren, who I’ve never met in person, and was introduced to by the most happenstance of circumstances, offered a listening ear with all the compassion and lack of judgment that I would expect from a friend of years. She saw me in both “up” and “down” moods, and both sessions were equally empathetic, clearing and encouraging. I would recommend her with enthusiasm for anyone who needs a listening ear.” – NG

I felt invigorated and empowered, more alive and full of hope than I had in a long while. I realized that I already have momentum! I felt that what I had previously seen as the biggest roadblocks to achieving my ultimate goal in life, were little more than red tape, easily cut by my own ambition. I can do this. – CB

Maren is a joyous, creative, mindful human being, and with her Dream Into Change sessions, she offers an intimate, one-on-one exchange of ideas. What more could you ask for? With just an hour, a glass of water and Maren to listen to me and brainstorm with me, I was able to see how to create a world where peace is the norm. I’ve had this idea growing inside for years and years, but without Maren it would have stayed just an idea. With her suggestions, ideas and wealth of contacts, I am now able to see how I can take the little steps to transform my dream into a reality. – SBB

My dreams are alive again, thanks to Maren. She packs an unexpected punch, in that she’s sharp, empathetic, and creative. She’s a great listener. When she provides feedback, her language in describing what she just heard is inspiring in itself. Suddenly my dream sounds legitimate! I still don’t know how she does it, but I always come away feeling energized, grounded, and on fire about my direction! – SM

Meeting with Maren I felt supported and inspired with more ideas each time. She followed my lead, offered suggestions for networking, and got excited with me about expanding and blending what I love to do. Maren’s listening presence encourages heart desires to come forth for brainstorming ways to manifest. Just sharing the energy gets the ball rolling. – JLR

Maren is an endless source of inspiration! I always come away feeling lighter and softer and more optimistic that our most glorious dreams can come true. – DB

I never knew how important empathetic listening and validation were in my life until I worked with Maren. I immediately felt stronger and more empowered to do my life tasks, and negotiate things with others. Maren is a genius at deep listening and you feel like a million bucks after. – NR

It is so refreshing and therapeutic to be able to talk and process out loud to someone who not only authentically cares, but has a broad base of understanding and has been practicing the art and science of listening for over a decade. During our sessions, I repeatedly feel elated, relieved, valued and affirmed. – BK

I seek out Maren’s supportive listening when I get overwhelmed, and when when I want an intelligent, caring opinion on a tough issue. Sometimes I call her my creative springboarder, because as a fellow artist, she can riff with me on ideas and emotions, as well as career decisions and practical life matters. After I talk with her I always feel encouraged and heartened. I recommend Maren to anyone who wants to grow or move forward in their life. – AW

I feel so much better and more empowered after a call with Maren, whether it’s me needing sort of a “psychologist,” or needing a supportive push to get things going on my projects. In our work together, she has helped me to see myself in a better light, set healthy boundaries, and remember to take good care of myself, since I often focus on helping others (animal and human). I highly recommend working with Maren. – CL

I want to say a million things, but I’ll just say that Maren’s ability to hold space is a truly magical thing. I feel like that single hour gave me a much needed release, and I can’t express how deep of an impact it has had on me, even months later. Thank you, Maren. – KR

Maren is a gifted listener with the ability to help people discern the truth about themselves. Her insight and clarity helped me focus on my vision. I recommend her to people who are serious about finding a path that serves their core commitments. – DT

Maren has helped me talk things through and given me helpful suggestions on many occasions. Most recently, she helped me navigate a mini crisis when my mentor was sick on our session day. I consider her a valuable resource and friend. – RM

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