I offer private, individual, hour-long or half-hour appointments via phone or video chat. Depending on what you’re needing at the time of the session, it may take the form of my listening empathetically and witnessing whatever is emotionally present for you, or it may take the form of more active co-brainstorming or resource gathering to help you achieve a particular goal or flesh out an idea into a concrete, doable project. Regardless, by the end of each session you will feel lighter, calmer, and more energized and focused! 

What are you manifesting?

I also offer “awkward-email” consultation, using Nonviolent Communication (NVC) principles to help you to compose an original or reply email in a personal or professional setting. You may be feeling nervous or stuck about how to word certain thoughts or feelings, for the greatest likelihood of a harmonious, well-received, win-win result.  We can do these sessions live via video chat, using a shared Google document to write and edit together, or by back-and-forth email writing and editing. Hourly rates apply.

New offering: travel consulting! Have you always dreamed of traveling by train? Or taking a bicycle excursion? Or maybe even a combination of the two? I have done all of these, and I heartily recommend them! Are there people and places you’ve been dreaming of visiting? Maybe a pilgrimage of sorts you’d like to make, or a spiritual quest? Let me help you dream up your perfect journey! Whether you’d like just some co-brainstorming and cheerleading, or you’ve got ideas in mind and you’d like some logistical help putting the pieces together, I’d love to work with you to finally take that cool trip that’s been tickling the back of your mind and tugging at your heart.

My rates:

1-hour stand-alone session: $95 

30-minute stand-alone session: $55

(20-minute “meet & greet” to see if we’re a good fit: free!)


3 1-hour sessions: $260

12 1-hour sessions: $995

If you’re ready to feel lighter, clearer, stronger, and more inspired, I would love to hear from you! You can schedule a free 20-minute “meet & greet” session now by email or phone/text at 971-303-8395.

Sessions and bundles

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