Silver Falls!


Today I visited Silver Falls State Park, for my first time ever. This may seem surprising, since I’ve lived in Portland for 31 years. But, without ever owning a car, getting to natural places outside of town like that can be challenging.

After a goodbye to my Warmshowers hosts Kevin and Susan, I met my friend Robert for brunch from Infinity Room, which we ate in nearby Pringle Park Plaza since the weather was nice. I’ve always enjoyed that plaza, with its inviting fountains.

Then I pedaled out to my friend Kristi’s house, and met up with her, her housemates, her dog, and five of their six cats(!) Soon we set out (in Kristi’s car) for Silver Falls.

It was breathtaking! I’m so glad I made a point to visit on this trip. I’d love to go back sometime, and if I can somehow get their on (or at least with) my bike—it’s a long, hilly, and windy road with no bike lanes to get there—it appears that there are some great bike trails that would be cool to explore. We hiked for probably a total of an hour or so, but covered a very tiny portion of the park in that time.

Now I’m catching up on my communications—much harder now that I’m on the road, but I’m looking forward to finding time to talk with friends soon—and getting ready to turn in and rest up for my ride to Corvallis tomorrow.

Do you have a state park or other natural area near you that you’ve been kind of meaning to visit for some time? Please take my nudge to make the time and go do it now!

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