Portland wonderland!


Hello, all! It’s time for me to check in, from sub-freezing Portland!

I had hoped to have more magical meetings and such to report on this week, but mostly I’m still in the process of scheduling them, with a handful of people around the globe. (If you’d like a free one-hour phone or video chat on any topic, let me know!) And things have been hectic for many local people the past few days, because of the unexpected snow.

I’ve been enjoying my time back here, after LA last month, especially my interactions with all the adorable cats I’ve been caring for. (In order of appearance: Marcel and Bert; Finn; and my current cutie, Simba, in the last two pics.)

I’ve been traveling all around town by bike, light rail, and even an Amtrak trip to Salem.

And, I’ve been leaning into connecting with people for my life’s work, while also receiving some generous donations from supporters. (Thank you to those donors who may be reading this!) I’ve also stretched my physical comfort zone by beginning to donate plasma for a bit of extra money, which has come in handy. This has also allowed for more “transit adventures,” up to the Vancouver, Washington donation site. In this way, I learned that Vancouver has added a quasi-bus-rapid-transit line called The Vine. Cool!

I’m looking ahead to my possible travels to Montreal, England, and possibly elsewhere in Europe this coming spring and summer, though these destinations feel far away right now, geographically, financially, and—especially in this cold moment—meteorologically. I’m trusting that the magic will come together to allow these travel dreams, though: “This, or something better!”

I hope you all are weathering your respective Februarys well. Northern or southern hemisphere, the turn of season will be upon us all soon.

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