Terrebonne back to Montreal


Today was a leafy day!

I said goodbye to my wonderful Terrebonne Warmshowers hosts, Mathilde and Ben, and set out on my bike on a beautiful sunny morning. I knew I had to get to my new host before 3:00, because rain and thunderstorms were forecast for the whole afternoon and evening, beginning at 3:00. (The rain did start around 4:00, just after I arrived, although I didn’t end up seeing any lightning, and the rain wasn’t particularly consistent after an hour or so. Still, I didn’t know that this morning!)

I took Mathilde’s suggestion for a longer (at least 20 miles/32 km) but much more green and pleasant/safe route back to Montreal.

I will admit, though, I wasn’t expecting all those hills—oof! I had to walk up at least three of them, huffing and puffing with my 72-lb/33-kg trailer load (and ride the brakes on the way down; I get nervous zooming down hills with that heavy trailer behind me.)

I also took a few wrong turns, so I ended up doing a few extra miles, and also getting onto some segments that were higher-traffic/less pleasant.

Overall, though, it was a beautiful ride. I did feel surprisingly tired when I arrived (just ahead of those clouds!) at my new host Linda’s second-floor apartment; after a bit of conversation, I ended up taking a nap for almost two hours! (We’ll see how I sleep tonight.)

Linda is amazing: she is mathematical, musical, visually artistic (she has published a book of stunning photography from her bike travels in Canada and Europe, and she also draws and paints beautifully); she speaks four languages; she has bicycled all across Canada over five months, camping most of the way… I’m probably forgetting some more things, but these are some of the highlights. She even made me some vegan tofu miso soup, which was warm and ready upon my arrival, which was a perfect snack; and then also made a vegan dinner for the two of us. Then she logged onto her online Japanese class, which will help her with her upcoming travels to Japan in September!

The people I have met on this journey absolutely blow me away. It is such an honor to meet all of them. (Thank you again to anyone reading this who has hosted me thus far, or even just met up with me on my travels. You are all amazing, and I’m so grateful!)

I’m not sure of my plans yet for tomorrow. Maybe listening more to my new Marillion album, so that I can be prepared for their live musical brilliance on the 1st!

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2 thoughts on “Terrebonne back to Montreal”

  1. I’m enjoying following your trip on your blog. Thanks for posting and taking pictures so we can all “come along” with you. I love all the people you are meeting – especially the zero waste people. Safe travels.

    1. Thanks, Pam! I love taking you all along with me. And yes, you would love all these zero-waste folks! Montreal has something like six or seven packaging-free (or almost packaging-free) grocery stores!

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