St. Helen’s Island and surrounds


Wow, what a cool day!

Linda took me on a bike ride out to St. Helen’s Island, in the St. Lawrence River on the eastern edge of town. I got to see the Biosphere and Habitat 67, both built for Expo 67 in Montreal. (I recently learned that my parents attended Expo 67 here—their first and only time in Montreal—two years before they were married. Cool!)

On the way over there, we passed neat buildings, a Ferris wheel, and the Cirque du Soleil tents. (This is their home city! Apparently they swapped out the blue-and-yellow tents for gray-and-white ones during COVID; not sure if that change was specifically related to the pandemic.)

We passed a cool boat, some colorful stacked shipping containers, and a nice view of the Jacques Cartier Bridge again.

Once we reached the island, Linda returned home and left me to explore the area. I enjoyed the open plazas and green parks there. What a cool place!

On my way back, I got to ride on that iconic Jacques Cartier bridge again. Then I stopped for a late lunch at Copper Branch in the Gay Village area again. I love the blocks-long pedestrian plaza in that business district, with all its colorful accoutrements.

This evening I met up with two of the Marillion friends I had dinner with back in Durham, North Carolina. (Sadly, the third of these friends brought a passport card, rather than her full passport, onto her flight here, and ended up having to fly back to Raleigh/Durham, so she will miss the Marillion weekend. Fortunately, as a hardcore fan, she had seen them perform recently, but still this is a very unfortunate turn of events.)

On the way to meeting up with Tamara and Lawrence—and many other Marillion fans who have now descended upon the city from around the world—I spent some time in a nearby park with a great view of the Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral. (More amazing church architecture!)

Tomorrow I will meet my new Servas host, Gabrielle, and I’ll attend the first of three Marillion concerts this weekend!

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