Stark beauty, and sunburn, on the way to Eugene


Today was my third travel day, and it was a full 50 miles. I said goodbye to my Corvallis hosts after a wonderful stay, and headed east, then south. The weather was warm and sunny, which was mostly welcome, but at times I would have preferred more shade. I took the more scenic route that Google Maps suggested: Peoria Rd and Coburg Rd, rather than 99W. It took me past some very beautiful trees standing alone in their fields. I also passed many farm-equipment vehicles along the roads. Drivers were quite courteous today, giving me ample berth as they passed.

Rest stops and parks were few and far between, but I stopped whenever I encountered them, which was three times, and soaked in the rest and scenery.

Unfortunately, my arms took the brunt of the sunshine today. I had put sunscreen on my face and the tops of my feet, as usual, but miscalculated that it was late enough in the season, and that my arms were already brown enough, that I wouldn’t need it there. The skin is now a bit sore, but I was glad to have some aloe gel to apply after my shower on arrival.

I’m staying with an old friend and his housemate in Eugene. These two have hosted me twice before, on train trips when they lived in a different but nearby house. We had a wonderful meal of mostly vegetables (followed by some chocolate-walnut Coconut Bliss, which brought back memories of my Salem time just a few days ago!) and now I am heading to bed, earlier than last night’s 2:00 (oof! Up at 7 this morning.)

Tomorrow: lots of human connections!

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