Eugene: fatigue, good conversations, beautiful bicycling


Today was another “rest day,” staying within the city of Eugene. I had a wonderful breakfast and lunch—with two different friends—at Morning Glory Café, one of my favorite all-vegetarian spots in town. It happens to be right near the Amtrak station, so when I’ve arrived here by train on previous trips, I’ve usually made a point to stop in.

Later this evening, I had a nice dinner and good conversation with my hosts at Laughing Planet Café, which I’ve always enjoyed in Portland. I love how healthy I’ve been able to eat so far on this trip. Lots of veggies! I know that will be easier in some places than others, so I’m taking good advantage here in the Willamette Valley.

I do notice I’m starting to hit some personal edges, at this point in the trip. I woke up tired this morning, after two or three nights of less sleep than I would have liked, plus 50 miles of cycling yesterday in the hot sun, including a sunburn on my arms, which continue to feel sore today. I’ll need to be more liberal with the sunscreen application going forward.

Also, although I’m thoroughly enjoying all the human connections I’ve been having on the journey so far, I’m finding that my introverted nature is feeling a bit drained at the same time, alongside the exertion, sun, and lack of sleep. I managed to get in a nap this afternoon for an hour and a half, which felt wonderful. I’m hoping it won’t thwart my sleep tonight, since I’ve got another 45 miles to go tomorrow.

But the weather remained beautiful today, and I bicycled around town for a total of a couple of hours. I’m so impressed by Eugene’s riverfront bike network. Absolutely gorgeous views, for miles.

Tomorrow I’m heading out toward Florence, on the coast; I’ll stop in the small forest town (I think it’s a woodsy place, based on the map) of Deadwood, Oregon. It appears that the journey will take me past a few lakes, so I’m looking forward to the scenery.

I’m adjusting to this life on the road. It can be a bit discombobulating at times, but mostly I am continuing to love it.

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