Quirky Sebastopol


I’ve had one more day in this small town, and it’s been fun!

Today I walked my host’s dog, Angus, in the streets around the cohousing community, which included some beautiful eucalyptus trees and a church-owned property that had some lovely gardens and a children’s play area. (I couldn’t get good photos, so you’ll have to take my word for that.)

In the afternoon, I made my way into town to experience Muir’s Tea Room. This is the only all vegan restaurant in town, and it also happens to be a tea house where they serve a fancy high tea! Unfortunately I had neither the time nor the finances to experience the latter, but I at least bought a mocha cupcake to eat in the charming front garden overlooking Main Street.

After that, I felt compelled to visit the Sebastopol location of the Community Market. I never seem to tire of visiting locally owned natural-foods stores everywhere I go. This one had some picnic tables out front, facing the street, so I sat and ate a locally made wrap filled with hummus and dolmas(!) and enjoyed the warm late-afternoon sun.

Then I headed back to the cohousing community, to pack up my things and ride to my next Sebastopol hosts, along another wonderful car-free path. The light was fading as I passed various neighbors out walking the trail, and many beautiful trees. Right before I arrived at my destination, I passed a large duo of buildings just next to an established orchard. It appeared to be a residential complex of some sort, but turned out to be the headquarters of a publishing company. Out front, I was startled to encounter a large sculpture of a lemur. Apparently, this is one example of the work of a celebrated local artist, Patrick Amiot, whose outdoor “gallery” along Florence Street I intend to visit tomorrow on my way out of town.

I soon arrived at the house of my charming and multifaceted Warmshowers hosts, whose interests include bike touring, playing multiple musical instruments, textile arts, international travel, rollerblading, and more! We shared a nice meal, including a wonderful apple-rhubarb crisp for dessert. (I would never have thought to combine those two fruits, but it was a winning combo.)

I’m staying in an adorable outbuilding in their backyard, complete with a ladder to my sleeping loft!

This part of California has been great to visit. I’m looking forward to Petaluma tomorrow.

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