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Wow. I’m still integrating everything from the past week. To that end, it was helpful to stay by myself in a hotel last night (although unfortunately it wasn’t restful at all, with people making noise in the hallway from around 4:00 pm when Kenneth dropped me off until well after 3 am; oof!!)

I’m now in a calmer hotel for tonight and tomorrow. This one is a bit north of town, so that should make it easier to bike the 26 miles north to Columbus (Wisconsin) the day after tomorrow, to catch the train to Minneapolis.

That place last night, though, was nicely situated near the University of Wisconsin Arboretum. I was in the mood for tree magic (always!) and during my time there I got even more than I bargained for.

The bike ride over was beautiful, much of it on one of Madison’s many dedicated bike trails.

When I arrived, I rode the winding road through the arboretum and enjoyed the leafy shade and views of trees on either side. At one point, I pulled over and took a short hike. It was incredible. I saw wild turkeys, just hanging out! Also beautiful trees, beautiful fungi, and beautiful light and shade patterns.

At one point I was inspired to take a selfie with the sunlight beaming behind me; the image perfectly encapsulated how I’m feeling at this point in my journey. I see myself moving forward from this energy, through the rest of my life.

When I did emerge from the shade and head up north to my new hotel, I saw more beautiful sunny scenery, and some peaches, and someone enjoying a Little Free Library in real time! And then another adorable one later. (As I said, they are dotted all over Madison.)

Tomorrow, I hope to meet up with some special friends, on my last full day here in Wisconsin. I also have a Zoom planned with friends on Vancouver Island. And, I noticed there is a “woods” on the map near the hotel here, so if I get the chance, I will also visit there!

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