Exploring Tucson on The Loop!


One of the coolest things about Tucson is that as of 2018, there has been a 54-mile unbroken car-free bike-and-pedestrian path surrounding the city, called “The Loop.” I cycled a short segment of it yesterday, but today I made a point to do a good chunk of it.

I started near where I’m staying in west Tucson. I began heading south along the river(bed—it’s dry at this point) and really enjoyed the feel of the path. There were many small parks and benches all along it, and I passed various smiling cyclists, walkers, and joggers.

I took a detour early on over to a cool food plaza next to a trolley station. There was a vegan burger place there, Beaut Burger, and I wanted to check it out. The burger was good, and it was pleasant to sit outside in the shade to eat it.

Afterward, I continued along the loop for maybe another 45 minutes or so, then decided I wanted to check out the cool 4th Avenue area of town, so I exited the loop and headed straight north for a mile or two. I popped into the co-op for a few items, then decided I wanted to visit the Brompton shop in town. Oddly enough, it is part of a music store! I took the bus most of the way from the co-op to the shop, which was cool and easy because buses and trains are free in Tucson this month!

When I got to the shop, I talked to the owner a bit. Apparently, it used to be just a music shop, but about seven years ago he got a Brompton, and several other local people he knew did also. They didn’t have a nearby place to get them serviced—they had to go to Phoenix or San Diego—so he decided to add a corner of the music shop as a bike shop. Now they sell and service several brands of folding bikes.

After I left there, I took a bus back west to 4th again, then cycled a few miles north to hit another segment of the loop, which took me back to my hosts’ place after another hour or two. I felt pleasantly spent at the end of the day, and loved all the scenery I saw, including murals, bridges, cacti, and those incredible mountains in the sunset.

Tomorrow I take the Greyhound to Phoenix!

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