Back to Tempe!


I made it back up north to the Phoenix area today, in an effort to enjoy stretching out my southern Arizona weather before heading east to still-chilly Texas.

My Warmshowers host Lucia was so gracious and helpful this morning (thanks again, Lucia!) sending me off with a big bowl of oatmeal, giving me a ride to the Greyhound station, and even helping me get all my baggage on the bus.

Unfortunately, it was hectic at the station, and I was hurried onto the bus before I could say goodbye! Before that, I struggled with the staff to get all my baggage on board. They ended up charging me $40 (cash, which meant I also had to pay $3.50 in fees to use their ATM) to check my three items under the bus. (The bike, the trailer, and the suitcase.) Oof!! That brought my one-way total cost for the two-hour ride to $73.50. Luckily, it looks like a cool friend here in the Phoenix area, who had already planned to visit Tucson next weekend, may be able to give me a ride back.

Once here in Phoenix, I roughly retraced my path back to my new/old host’s house in Tempe. I was so grateful and happy that she was willing to let me stay here again; we had enjoyed each other’s company last time.

The ride was pleasantly off-road for the first section, including both riverbanks—and some nice bridges—of the riverfront parks along the Salt River. Later, as I got into the university area, what should I see but another visual reminder of the financial abundance I choose to trust in, during this year I’m taking with no paid work: the streets here are indeed paved with gold! 

Also along my way to my host’s place, I stopped by one of the two Loving Hut restaurants in the area, to get some veggies and tofu for a to-go dinner. Then I couldn’t resist stopping at a Baskin-Robbins on the way back to the house; I had been meaning to try their new vegan flavors. The salted chocolate fudge definitely did not disappoint!

I’m looking forward to a nice rest here in Tempe, for probably about a week. I don’t have much on the agenda, although I do look forward to exploring the Japanese garden and arboretum, and perhaps the musical instrument museum two people have recommended. It’s just nice to continue enjoying the warm, dry climate. I so appreciate it after 31 years of Portland’s chilly and wet winters.

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