Back on the Tobacco Trail, from Durham to Apex


I’m back with my aunt and uncle in Apex, about 25 miles south of Durham. I actually had two 25-mile ride days in a row, because of my ridiculous obsession with vegan sugary treats in general, and Cinnaholic cinnamon rolls in particular.

There is a Cinnaholic shop in Cary, near Apex, about 13 miles south of where I was staying in Durham. I had decided that the 16th would be an indoor day, since I expected it to rain the whole day. However, in the afternoon the skies cleared up, and when I checked the Cinnaholic’s hours, I discovered that they would be closed on Easter Sunday, of course, but also on Monday. Thus, Saturday would be my last chance to try this location. Looking at their franchise map, it appeared that it might be a very long time before I would find myself back in Cinnaholic territory, so I decided to ride 13 miles there to pick up a treat, then bike it 13 miles back and eat a healthy dinner with steamed vegetables before devouring my treasure.

That is what I did, and I’m glad I did, because it turned out to be another beautiful riding day. I even took a short detour to pass a small lake area.

And then amazingly, on the way back, I happened past a vegan food truck! I hadn’t even seen it on my Happycow app, but there it was in the flesh. It wasn’t clear whether it was still open and serving—after checking their Instagram page, I saw that they were scheduled to be parked at that location from 2-6, and it was 5:45—but using all my willpower to stick to my healthy dinner plans, rather than potentially gorging on the comfort food from the truck, I decided to simply pass it by. Still, what an unlikely coincidence!

Yesterday, I finished up a few administrative tasks—including more sock mending, since my prodigious toenails continually make their way through my seams—and then hopped on my rig again toward Apex. For at least half of the distance, I was back on the American Tobacco Trail, which is really a lovely rail trail.

At one point, a kind stranger bicycled past and asked if I would like a photo of myself, so that’s where I got the one for this post. I was touched that he was willing to make the offer, especially since he paused his wristband monitor to do it!

Shortly afterward, I stopped for lunch at the Southpoint Mall, but most shops were closed for the holiday, so the parking lot had a sort of eerie post-apocalyptic feel.

Once I reached the end of the paved section of the trail, I did decide to transition to roads, to continue on smooth surfaces.

I made it to the house in the early evening, and have been having a nice reconnection with family. Today has been fully rainy, so once again I am grateful for the timing of the weather.

Tomorrow, it will be on to Richmond!

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