Tricky arrival in New Orleans (oof!)


[My computer is in bad shape. Please accept this copy-paste of a Facebook message as a stand-in for a proper post. I’ll see what I can figure out for the computer in the next few days, but I’ll also be traveling to Atlanta on Monday, so I’ve got a lot to juggle. Ah, the ups and downs of living on the road!!]

OMG what a fiasco. Train arrived late into New Orleans after midnight. Wind advisory + 45° temps. I biked the two miles to my Airbnb, repeating a mantra to try to feel safe against the weather. Arrived 1:30 and key wasn’t in lockbox. Tried calling, texting, knocking for hosts. Nothing. Tried not to freak out. Biked around the neighborhood following Google maps to try to find late-night bars or restaurants. All turned out to be takeout-only at that hour. Saw a homeless guy and felt terrible for him, and feared I would share his fate that night, sleeping outside in a cold wind storm. Feared for branches falling on me as I rode. Finally found an Irish pub open until 3. Went in and shivered for half an hour trying to warm up. Messaged host again at 2:43 and thankfully got a response. Went back to the place, got the key. Misunderstood where the room was and unpacked my whole rig, carried it upstairs in four trips, then found bed unmade and trash not emptied. Realized it was the wrong room. Lugged everything back downstairs and into the correct room, with tricky locks.

Made it to bed at 4 am, in a small but cozy bed, listening to the wind howl outside.

Woke up at noon and prepared to write the more fleshed-out blog post about it that would be better than this synopsis. Found computer nearly dead from overloaded memory. (Admittedly I had been ignoring its warnings to that effect for a couple days.) I hope it won’t completely die.

Weather is bad today anyway, so I had planned to stay in.

Welcome to New Orleans…?

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