The magic of Miami and Miami Beach


Wow, this city. I wish I could stay another week! Sadly, accommodation is very hard to come by, so I’ll be on my way tomorrow, probably over to Tampa on the train. (Accommodation is very hard to come by in the Fort Lauderdale and Delray Beach areas—not to mention in the keys!—so, sadly, I’ll be missing all of those this time around. Guess I’ll need to return to Florida sometime.)

Today I explored Miami Beach. First I hopped on the free monorail, just a few blocks away from my host’s high-rise, and took the short “inner loop,” just for fun. It also gave me some good hands-on experience, though, for when I head to the train station tomorrow; I think the monorail plus the Metrorail will get me where I need to go. (Cycling around downtown Miami is not for the faint of heart!)

But after I explored the monorail, I did cycle over to Miami Beach. To do so, from 15th Street, one passes through six small islands before arriving at the larger island that is Miami Beach. I only explored a very small portion of the island; I would like to return someday and see more of it. But I glimpsed the Atlantic Ocean, which was pretty cool! And I cycled along the beachfront path. I also got to see lots of Art Deco and (my new favorite) Streamline Moderne architecture.

I had hoped to visit the small Japanese garden on one of the small islands, on my way back to Miami, but sadly I arrived just at 5:00, when they closed. I took a photo of the Buddha statue outside of the garden as a sort of consolation prize.

When I got back into town, I enjoyed a delicious burrito at vegan spot The Cocinita, a short walk away (Ruben and I had burgers there last night) and then sipped a farewell-to-Miami watermelon margarita at a bar a few doors down. Afterward, I enjoyed the nighttime view from the 34th floor balcony.

Pure magic. There is no place like Miami.

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