The best-laid plans



It got to 97 today. Blazing sun.

The way to both Sage Bistro and the Huntington Gardens involved a lot of elevation gains.

And early in the day, I started having all kinds of tech drama with my phone. (Specifically, running into hard data limits on the plan I share with my sister and her partner.)

Plus, I woke up this morning feeling disoriented and out of sorts from some bizarre and stressful dreams.

Things don’t always flow smoothly.

I had been really looking forward to these two destinations today, but I could feel that they were not in the cards this time around. And fortunately, as I reminded myself, LA is the one spot I will be visiting not once, not twice, but three times on this year’s journey. Late October and/or mid-December should(??) be better-weather times to enjoy the Huntington.

As for Sage? I’m still going to try to get those chilaquiles tomorrow, before I leave for Albuquerque on the evening train. I plan to combine bicycling and transit to maximize time efficiency and avoid tackling all that climbing right now.

But today turned out to be a day for sitting inside to stay cool, doing lots of texting and phone calls with my sister and Verizon, and then eventually having a good Zoom chat with my sister—my first since before I embarked on this journey three weeks ago.

We managed to get the phone plan all squared away, and my initial sense of stuck-ness is now returned to the flow of things working out.

Eventually, in the late afternoon, I did venture out to a local vegan burger place, and enjoyed a tasty and reasonably priced meal. I made it back up the 200 feet of hill to my cousin’s place, and even sat for a little while in the dusky light in the park next to her complex.

When she returned from a late day at work, we spent several hours in wonderful conversation about family and life. And she even shared this family-favorite photo of our grandparents on a cruise before they were married (gasp!) back in the late 1930s.

My days don’t always unfold as I hope or expect, but at the end of this day I am feeling happy and satisfied.

Perhaps chilaquiles tomorrow… or perhaps an as-yet-unknown adventure?

And then… heading east on the train!

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