The American Tobacco Trail


Today I got to explore a nice segment of the 22.6-mile American Tobacco Trail, a rails-to-trails project between Durham and Apex. The northern section is paved, so it was a nice smooth ride where I went. I enjoyed the winter-looking woods, as well as a few signs of spring that were peeking through, such as redbud and cherry trees in full bloom near the trail.

The weather varied from cool and overcast to cheery sun breaks illuminating puffy white clouds.

Shortly after the northern start of the trail, I stopped for lunch at a restaurant, Banu Vegan, just a few blocks off the path. The man who took my order told me they had just opened about five months ago, so I was glad to be able to enjoy it. I ordered a curried-chickpea dish to go, so that I could eat it in a nearby park. Sadly, the plating of to-go meals rarely emerges unscathed after traveling around in a bag suspended from my handlebars, so the photo doesn’t do justice to the original artful presentation. But the flavors were good.

It felt good to get out onto a long wooded bike trail again; it had been a while.

I have one more day here in Apex with my aunt and uncle, but by tomorrow night I’ll be on the sleeper train to Miami! I’m not sure if I’ll be making a post tomorrow night, since the weather looks dreary and might lend itself to staying indoors, as well as the fact that I’m not sure if I’ll have WiFi, or access to my laptop, on the train. But I’ll be in touch before too long, from sunny Florida!

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