Salem to Corvallis


A short update today: another beautiful ride! Warm, sunny weather and lovely vistas accompanied me on most of my 40ish miles from Kristi’s place to Judy and Jeff’s in Corvallis. I enjoyed plums and blackberries, and only took a couple of wrong turns (which added probably a total of about five miles to the trip, but who’s counting?) I did find myself needing to walk up a hill very early on, but the rest I managed to pedal, even though I had to stop and rest a few times.

I stopped for lunch in a picturesque roadside park in Albany, and then as I neared Corvallis I found an unexpected off-road path, which felt safer and more pleasant than some of the busy roads from earlier in the day.

One of the highlights of today’s ride was an exhilarating downhill stretch of possibly up to a mile, separated from the freeway just south of Salem.

I do have to laugh that Google Maps thought I could make this journey in three hours and twelve minutes. It was closer to six hours, including a few stops. Oh well… I care not about my pace, only about enjoying the journey.

As I pulled into Corvallis, I stopped by the co-op near Judy and Jeff’s house, and met up with a seasoned bicycle traveler (hi, Ocean!) who will soon be cycling down the west coast from Astoria to San Diego.

After a luscious repast with my hosts this evening, I am ready for a good night’s sleep!

Tomorrow: meeting up with more local connections, and exploring a few local parks, before continuing south to Eugene the following day.

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