Sunken garden at the Butchart


First, let me briefly acknowledge something: as of today, I have been on the road for exactly one year! I am so excited to celebrate this milestone. As many of you know, the end of my geographic loop will happen when I arrive in Portland roughly a week from now, but my journey will not end there; I plan to continue traveling for as long as I can find a way to do so.

I’ll write more about the year ahead later—probably when I’m Portland and have (hopefully) a bit of breathing room—but I wanted to at least acknowledge this date today. Thank you to every one of you reading this. I appreciate every one of you who has followed my travels and my blog; every one of you who has supported me emotionally and celebrated my travels with me; every one of you who has supported me financially; every one of you who has fed me and/or invited me to stay in your home; every one of you who has put me in touch with others you know, to stay with or to just connect… and every one of you who may have supported me in any other way that I’m not thinking of right now. You all make up the network that has allowed me to live this incredibly rich adventure so far. I hope that my journey has inspired you in some way, and will continue to do so.

OK, back to blog mode:

Today I bicycled from my Warmshowers hosts in Central Saanich to my second (third?) cousin once removed, the wonderful Cousin Betty, here in Esquimalt, just west of Victoria. Despite being a generation apart (she is my mother’s second cousin) and having only met once before, very briefly, 30+ years ago, we have talked for hours already, and I look forward to more over the next two days!

The ride here was mostly pleasant, and I visited yet another beautiful garden.

Pictures from there will have to wait, though, because I need to share yesterday’s photos from the sunken garden at the Butchart Gardens!

I had last visited these gardens as a teenager, more than 30 years ago, but the sunken garden was the one that really stood out to me at the time. (I wasn’t a garden aficionado back then, if you can believe it.)

Visiting again yesterday—at goldenhour, no less—did not disappoint. It is still the same enchanted place it was then.

Please enjoy.

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