San Diego, to LA, to Tucson!


It’s late Friday afternoon, and I’m on the Pacific Surfliner train to LA as I type. We’re about to stop in Oceanside, a bit north of San Diego. The Pacific is to my left, and the sun is shining. I thought I’d write the blog post now, since tonight when I would normally do it, I’ll be on the Texas Eagle train, bound for Tucson, and there won’t be WiFi.

My last half-day in San Diego was lovely. I said goodbye to my wonderful host and her adorable doggie, as well as the French family of four—with their two heavily loaded tandem bikes—who have been camping in her backyard during my stay. Their tour is quite ambitious: a number of European countries, then Cancún, Mexico, now San Diego, then up to San Francisco, and eventually all the way to New York! They are figuring out the itinerary as they go, taking into account temperatures, headwinds, elevations, and the end of their visa in 90 days.

I left the house and headed into Ocean Beach one more time, stopping for a burger at Plant Power. Then I pedaled to the train station, which took about an hour. The ride was lovely, mostly along the waterfront. I passed a unique park I’d never noticed before: Cancer Survivors Park, which contained several structures and sculptures. From what I could gather, it was conceived and funded by one couple, presumably at least one of whom was a cancer survivor. I liked the concept.

Shortly before I arrived at the Santa Fe train depot, I also passed the Maritime Museum. I’m not much of a “museum person,” but multiple people have recommended this one to me. Perhaps on a future visit. It did appear that the $20 entry fee might include tours of some cool-looking historic ships.

I’ve got a four-hour layover in LA, and I’m taking advantage of that by meeting up with another friend-I-haven’t-met-yet (another Brompton friend of Mimi’s) for dinner at a vegan restaurant near the station.

Then I’ll board the Texas Eagle, and probably go right to bed shortly after we depart at 10 pm. I’ll wake up just in time to disembark in Tucson at 8:28.

Once again, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in San Diego. Mark my words: I will live in that place someday.

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