River walk after the rain


Wow. It did rain last night. And most of today. I am so glad I chose to stay here in St.-Jean-sur-Richelieu today instead of trying to bike to Montreal; I would have been absolutely miserable.

So I stayed indoors today, and worked on finding lodging for my next few places, as well as having two great Zoom conversations with two interesting women in—coincidence of coincidences—Kentucky. (I have scarcely ever talked to anyone in or even from Kentucky, but I happened to meet these two—who don’t know each other—recently through different Facebook groups.)

It felt cool to dip my toe back into the realm of “magical meetings.” I did so many of them during the year before I embarked on this journey, but since being on the road, it’s been all I can do to even keep up a semblance of communication with close friends and family. The constant moving around makes it difficult to block out times to talk when I can have sufficient comfort and privacy and mental/emotional presence to make it worthwhile for both parties.

As I dream into my next “chapter” after this year’s journey, I envision similar travel, but with more housesitting for a week or two at a stretch, rather than staying with different hosts every few nights. I’m loving meeting all these new hosts, but after a year I think I’ll be ready for a bit more privacy and downtime.

When my host Gaby returned from work this evening, he made us a delicious rice-and-dal dinner, and then since the rain had mostly stopped, he took me into the “old town” part of St.-Jean-sur-Richelieu, and we walked along the river and canal path. The river is not deep enough here for most boats to pass, so more than a century ago, they built the adjacent canal for that purpose. And just within the past few years, a new river bridge went in. I really liked the modern industrial style of the bridgehead.

The forecast shows clouds tomorrow, but no rain after 7 am, so my modified plan is in place to bike to Montreal and meet up with my Brompton friend Aurelie!

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