Redwood City to Campbell


I’m back in Campbell, California, just outside of San Jose. Some of you may remember that I stayed here for two nights on my way to the Southwest on the train, back in early October. That time, I biked from Pleasanton, and I have to say that may have been my least favorite, least pleasant day of bicycling on this trip so far. Very industrial, busy roads, not much shade.

Today, though, coming on the west side of the bay from Redwood City, it was delightful! I went through the Stanford campus again first, on clearly marked bike boulevards through beautiful neighborhoods. Then I meandered through Cupertino (where I met a Bumble connection for a snack and some tasty sugar-cane juice) and on the outskirts of Saratoga, before arriving here with light left in the sky. It was about a 25-mile day, and it felt good to be back in the saddle for that. I marveled, too, at how much of this route took me on car-free bicycle/pedestrian paths. Really lovely infrastructure, often alongside beautiful trees.

I saw a cool cocktail lounge in downtown Campbell, on my way here, so I may head back out to check it out.

Tomorrow, another Japanese garden!

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2 thoughts on “Redwood City to Campbell”

  1. Love the bike paths, though as a woman, I never like to have walls on both sides of the path. It feels like a trap. Wouldn’t keep me from enjoying it, though.

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