Petaluma to San Rafael


Today was another riding day. I’m slowly getting my body acclimated to bicycling again (especially those pesky hills!) But it’s coming along.

After a good night’s sleep and a nice breakfast with my hosts, I embarked a bit later than I had hoped; given my slow riding pace, that meant I arrived in San Rafael just as it was getting dark.

Once again, the scenery along the way was beautiful. The trees and fields around here are just breathtaking. And I was pleased to find that three (though admittedly smallish) segments of the day’s 25-mile ride were on dedicated car-free paths.

And at one point on a regular road, I enjoyed a fun “road safety mirror selfie.”

My San Rafael Warmshowers hosts live atop an extremely steep hill. The husband had offered to drive me up it. I had thought maybe I could just walk it… but once I actually saw the grade, I texted him to take him up on the offer! They do have a lovely view of the city; I’ll see it in the morning when there is light. We had a nice dinner together, swapping travel stories. They also told me about their “Garden of Eden” yard, with numerous fruit trees of many varieties. Coming from Portland, I am envious of this central California climate where so many types of fruit trees can produce during so many seasons of the year.

I’m having a bit of a lodging snafu at this late hour; my second San Rafael hosts, for tomorrow, texted to say they are having plumbing issues (which means no running water at the moment) as of today. They hope the problem will be resolved late tomorrow afternoon, and they were gracious enough to still offer to host me. Given that I expect to want a shower, though, I am seeking out alternative lodging. Sounds like there may be a nearby Servas host who can come through; we’ll see!

This journey is never short on surprises, some fun and some not. And things can turn on a dime! I’m curious to see what tomorrow will bring.

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