Palm Springs and Yucca Valley


Well, I slept from about 7:30 am until my alarm went off three hours later at 10:30, in the Palm Springs Motel 6. Getting there by bike in the dark (and a bit of sandy wind) was honestly a bit harrowing, but I made it safely.

The room was upstairs, though, so I had to once again unpack the trailer downstairs—trying not to be too noisy for the neighbors at about 6:15 am—and carry them upstairs separately. I struggled with the key card for a couple of minutes, too, which tested my patience after a sleepless night, but I eventually got myself and my belongings inside so I could rest.

Then at about noon, I checked out of the motel and headed south on Indian Canyon Road toward Palm Springs. I wanted to see the town—if only briefly—to experience the unique housing stock as well as hit a locally owned natural food store and Native Foods founder Tanya Petrovna’s to-go vegan restaurant and shop Chef Tanya’s Kitchen.

After I got some tasty goodies from those two places, I met up with my Yucca Valley host—another friend of my Oregon friend Judy—who picked me up at Chef Tanya’s to spare me the mountainous climb to her place right near Joshua Tree.

I arrived in the afternoon, just in time to meet several of her neighbors at a small happy hour gathering she hosted on the back patio. We had some good food and drinks, and talked about the local area as well as my travels.

After the other guests left, I took a few photos from the patio, of the beautiful Joshua tree environment.

I’m running on very little sleep now, so I’m losing steam fast, but after catching up on some rest tonight, I’m looking forward to a massage(!) tomorrow, which I think will be extremely welcome to my body at this point in the journey, and then I’ll head out and explore this unique and magical landscape!

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