One last day of beauty around Grand Rapids


I’m in Portage now, just south of Kalamazoo. I took the bus from the Grand Rapids Amtrak station to Kalamazoo this afternoon, then biked to the home of my Warmshowers host here. It was a pleasant ride, and I had some cool conversations with the bus driver and fellow passengers when I disembarked with my rig.

I didn’t take many photos today, though; I wanted to instead share more of yesterday’s beauty.

After the Meijer gardens, Karleen and I visited Grand Haven, a little beach town on Lake Michigan. I’m still getting used to the fact that the Great Lakes look like the ocean, with surfable waves and expansive sandy beaches. We walked the boardwalk down toward the lighthouse, and I took a few photos there.

Then we went to a beautiful nature park called Grand Ravines. Shortly after we started along the path from the parking lot, we saw people with fancy cameras aiming them up toward a tree. There was a bald eagle up there! I’m including my poor phone camera just to prove that I saw it, but of course I’m sure the “real” photographers got some much better shots.

After we passed the eagle, we walked through beautiful shaded paths, then emerged into sunny meadows and even a cornfield. (This is the Midwest, after all!)

It was a wonderful way to wind down my time in Grand Rapids.

I’ve got one full day with friends in Kalamazoo tomorrow (we’ll be touring a permaculture farm) and then I’ll be continuing on to Chicago. Michigan has been a wonderful portion of this journey.

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