Niagara Falls!


I hit another landmark today. Kinda feel similar to how I felt back in October, when I saw the Grand Canyon for the first time.

I woke up very early this morning in Toronto, and buttoned up the apartment that had been so kindly loaned to me for my four nights there. I biked to the train station, bidding farewell to a beautiful Lake Ontario in the early morning light.

The train ride was pretty uneventful, but with some nice scenery. It was a bit odd: I had tried to book an Amtrak train, but wasn’t able to make it work in their reservation system, so I decided to book a Canadian ViaRail train instead. But when I got out to the platform to board, I saw that it actually was an Amtrak train after all! Interesting…

When I disembarked in Niagara Falls, Ontario, I bicycled from the train station to the falls, but I passed a small park on the way with a cool sculpture of a water molecule, made in 1967 for Canada’s centennial.

I pedaled along the aptly named River Road… and before you know it, lo and behold, there was an enormous waterfall! (And then another one right next to it!) I spent some time just marveling at these feats of nature, and meandering down the sidewalk to see it all from different angles.

I briefly considered getting on one of the tourist boats, or taking a zipline with a view of the falls, but decided to save my money and the wait time; there were long lines for both, and I also wondered what I might do with my rig while enjoying such excursions.

Just seeing the falls was cool enough for me.

I then crawled my way across the Rainbow International Bridge, which took about twenty minutes as I got in line with the auto traffic, per the posted instructions for cyclists.

I crossed the border without incident, and then made my way into Niagara Falls State Park in New York, which offered different views of the falls.

The whole thing was really cool. I’m so glad I finally experienced this amazing natural international landmark.

I then moseyed over to my hotel, along the riverfront bike path. It’s a decent hotel, and I was able to get it without a cash outlay by using credit card points.

Tomorrow is supposed to be quite rainy, which is unfortunate since I will be bicycling several hours to reach Buffalo. I’m thinking of stopping to visit the carousel museum, which I just learned about today from my awesome friend Mimi, who grew up in Buffalo.

Here’s hoping for some breaks in the rain tomorrow while I ride!

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