Morton Arboretum’s magical trees


Today—my last full day in Warrenville—I decided to return to Morton Arboretum. (Fun fact: this arboretum was founded by Joy Morton, of the Morton Salt family, and her father was the founder of Arbor Day!) When Gill and Jeremy and I went there the other day, we drove through the “main route” all around the place, after we had spent some time walking in the center. I was so taken by that loop during our drive that I wanted to experience it again on my bike.

The arboretum is about nine miles away from the house, so I got some good cycling in today, getting there and back and also enjoying the arboretum itself. The ride there and back took me back once again through the beautiful forest preserves that are so plentiful around here.

One thing that really surprised me is that my host Terri, who grew up in this area, told me some of those forest preserves—complete with lakes—used to be garbage dumps! I would never have guessed. What a wonderful community decision to make a “rewilding” transformation like that.

After I got back to the house, I spent a bit more time with their foster cat Linaria. She is so cute! If you happen to know anyone in the Chicago area who might be looking to adopt a cat, this one is very sweet and affectionate. (I can put you in touch with Terri if you’re interested.)

I’ve had a wonderful time in Warrenville these past six days. Tomorrow, I will be hopping on a train to go 87 miles southwest of here, to a town called Princeton, Illinois. I’m looking forward to exploring it!

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