More redwoods! Plus the ocean! And a geodesic dome!


I’m so pleased to be getting my fill of redwoods on this journey. I had been looking forward to hiking in more of them here in Santa Cruz, and that came true today.

My erstwhile Portland friend from yesterday picked me up again today from my Servas hosts, and we went out to Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park.

Apologies for the possibly excessive redwood photos here, but can you blame me? Just look at all this majesty.

After the forest, we went to get some lunch at a longtime (since 1981) vegetarian restaurant, Dharma’s. On the way, we drove through the classic beachy parts of Santa Cruz: the places where the houses are cute, and where surfers have congregated for decades to ride the waves. The beaches were beautiful, but it was pretty cold today, and the waves were still, so we only saw one intrepid surfer.

After the meal, my friend helped me to pack up my rig, and we went over to meet my hosts for tonight, a decades-old friend of an Oregon vegan friend of mine, and his partner. They live at the end of a long, unpaved, winding road in a beautiful redwood forest as well. Coolest of all, their house is a geodesic dome!

My northern California experience is officially complete: off-grid houses, redwood forests, and now even a geodesic dome. Furthermore, they invited me to soak in their hot tub tonight, which makes two hot tub soaks in two days! The warm water was so inviting in the quiet darkness.

Tomorrow I’ll be pedaling south to Watsonville, on my way to Monterey. This is a wonderful resting place for the night.

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