More of the splendid river walk


I can see why this city is so renowned for this river walk. It is a beautiful urban park that stretches for miles! Today I biked from my hosts’ house north of downtown, mostly on a car-free path nearby, and retraced some of the steps I took yesterday with Rohn on the northern part of the walk (known as the “Museum Reach”). Once I got to the square section of the walk in the center, though, I knew I needed to lock up my bike and do it on foot. It’s too narrow and crowded for cycling.

That central part of the walk was truly delightful. It felt like being in another land, perhaps in Europe.

After spending probably an hour strolling that pedestrian section, I got back on the bike and headed south, along the “Mission Reach.” I stopped briefly in the King William neighborhood to look at the opulent houses from a part of San Antonio’s history when there was a thriving German immigrant community. The Germans ran a mill and several other local businesses. Some of them made their fortunes this way, and the houses reflect that.

The whole segment of the trail that follows the four missions south of the Alamo is about ten miles long. I was not feeling very motivated to do the whole thing, nor to visit all the missions, so instead I mostly meandered along just enjoying the riverfront environment. I did stop at two parks along the way: Confluence Park (with those recent arch sculptures—very striking) and Concepcion Park.

On my way back north, I went through downtown and was able to get a clear look at the beautiful brick courthouse that I had glimpsed from a distance yesterday.

Then I rejoined the river walk, and saw a cool sculpted cave that I remembered noticing yesterday (there were people sitting inside it then, unlike this evening) as well as an extravagant marriage-proposal scene made of balloons, which fondly reminded me of my 18 years working in a party store around balloons and balloon arrangements.

I exited the trail to enjoy a cocktail at a nearby bar, and then my hosts picked me up to take me to dinner at a local vegan restaurant in the northern part of town, Green. We had a wonderful meal and some great conversation. Sadly I will be leaving their place tomorrow; I have just one more day in San Antonio, and my train to Houston will be leaving at a rather uncivilized hour the following morning.

But I plan to thoroughly enjoy my last day here tomorrow!

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