More beautiful trees, in Samuel P Taylor & Point Reyes


Today was another full day!

I got up early (for me, meaning before 8) and packed up my bags to send them off—without me—in a Lyft to my next San Rafael hosts’ house. The husband at that (this) house met the Lyft driver less than half an hour later, and unloaded the trailer and two bags, then texted me that they had arrived safe and sound. I continually give thanks for the marvels of modern technology.

This step saved me from having to carry the trailer along with me on my adventures today, which started with a ride to Roy’s Redwoods, just outside of Samuel P Taylor Park. There was a bit of a climb to get there, but I made it OK. I was to meet a Tinder date there—he was driving from Santa Rosa—but I ended up getting there half an hour early, so I began walking the redwood loop myself. After the initial (beautiful) grove right near the parking area, the rest of the loop seemed a bit scant on redwoods, but there were many beautiful spots with various kinds of trees. My date met me partway around the loop when he arrived, and then we loaded up the Brompton in his car and headed out to Point Reyes Station, where we walked two short trails, including one that marked an earthquake rupture from 1906!

Then we drove around the Marin peninsula for a while, along the scenic (but dangerous—oof) Hwy 1, and stopped in at the lovely and historic Pelican Inn for a drink in the lowering sunshine.

Then it was time for me to meet my Warmshowers hosts for the night, so my date dropped me at their house in San Rafael. Tomorrow I hope to explore another nearby nature park (Marin is chock-full of them!) and then make my way to San Francisco.

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