Long Beach to Newport Beach


Well, you’ll all be pleased to learn that I did get the $20 cash deposit back, as promised, when I checked out of the motel this morning. Phew!

I exited my room into the sunshine, and soon pedaled south toward the beach. I passed some cool artsy buildings and street paintings along the way. When I arrived at the beach, I biked the length of the path to the north, then turned around to head south for the rest of the day, to Newport Beach via the Huntington Beach Bike Path.

The ride itself was pretty uneventful. The temperature was mostly comfortable, and the sun stayed out all day, with no clouds.

I was disappointed to note, however, that various stressors from many different areas of my life seemed to nag at my mental state, distracting me from the amazing Pacific Ocean to my right. I chided myself for not fully embracing the present moment, then felt extra glum for chiding myself.

Ah, well. The human condition, eh?

But I pulled in to Newport Beach in the last hour of daylight, and was charmed by the cute beach-town-ness of it.

I arrived at my host’s house, on the peninsula with the water on either side, and we shared a meal and some lively conversation. She has family ties to my hometown in Virginia—which is how we met—so that is fun. I’ll be here one more night; I hope to explore a bit of the area, probably with my host as a guide, tomorrow.

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