Lithia Park beauty, then mountain beauty


Today was pretty simple: I woke up and had a leisurely morning at the hostel and the co-op, then checked out of my room at noon and headed over to Lithia Park again, where I spent the next four and a half hours literally just sitting and relaxing in the beauty of the day and the season. With my full rig with me (as well as bicycle riding not allowed in the park) and with temps climbing to 91, I didn’t feel inclined to do much physical activity. Luckily for me, near the entrance to the park were several beautiful, lush areas with benches from which to soak in the natural world and the present moment.

At about 4:30, I finally moseyed up toward the SOU campus, where I was to catch the bus back over the mountain to Klamath Falls.

I had yet a third driver this time, who also helped me to use the lift gate to get the rig on board.

He played classic and folk rock the whole way (nice!) and I once again relaxed and just enjoyed the incredible views out the bus window, as late afternoon turned to evening and the light continually shifted over the various scenery. What a feast for the eyes, including the lake as we got into town with very little light left.

After I exited the bus with all my belongings, I headed north in the dark for a couple of miles to meet my wonderful Warmshowers hosts, and an out-of-town friend of theirs who had arrived for dinner. The conversation was lively (and often hilarious) and covered a wide range of interesting topics. I love meeting new people this way!

This house is also home to a delightful menagerie of a rescue dog and six cats, so I was greeted and appreciated by a host of furry friends.

Time to sleep now. Tomorrow—my last day in Oregon—I’ll explore a 14-mile round trip on the paved portion of the OC & E Trail, a rails-to-trails project I heard about from my Salem Warmshowers hosts a couple of weeks ago. (Yes—I’ve been on this journey for two full weeks now! Time is flying, but I’m loving every minute.) And then tomorrow night, I’ll board the train to Oakland!

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4 thoughts on “Lithia Park beauty, then mountain beauty”

  1. Beautiful pictures. Oregon will be here waiting for you when you return. 🤓 Enjoy your next state! California is so beautiful.

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