Last few days in Portland (for now)


What a jam-packed time I have been having in Portland! I’ve now been here for three and a half weeks. And, I learned from my dentist today that I might be able to finish up my needed dental work within about the next month.

This means that although I’ll be leaving Portland for Salem on the train this Wednesday—day after tomorrow—I probably won’t be going all the way to California yet, as I had originally planned. Although I would love to keep this lovely warm weather going for another month by heading for points south, I don’t think it’s worth the expense and effort of train travel beyond Oregon right now, if I would need to come back in a month anyway.

So, I’ll spend a few days in Salem, then a few days in Eugene, and then see what else I’d like to do in Oregon. More time in Eugene? A jog over to Corvallis? Salem again? More Portland time? We’ll see! (And if any of you know of any possible house/cat sitting possibilities in any of these places in the next month, please feel free to pass them along!)

Meanwhile, I’ve been loving caring for another adorable kitty, Killian, for the past four days, just down the street from my condo in southeast Portland.

My social calendar has been packed, and I’ve also made it to many beautiful parks, including the Tsuru Island Japanese Garden in Gresham, and the Milwaukie Bay Park, right along the Willamette.

And I still can’t believe how gorgeous the weather continues to be!

I also enjoyed attending a Servas meetup in my (very) old stomping grounds of Hillsdale yesterday, in southwest Portland. I met a number of local Servas hosts and travelers. I have so enjoyed connecting with Servas people this past year, and I look forward to doing more of it in the coming year.

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