Jubilant July


Wow. How did an entire month go by??

After the vulnerability of my last post, maybe I needed a bit of a rest… or, maybe, life just gave me a rest. The month of July has been full of impossibly adorable cats and impossibly beautiful trees and nature walks. I truly do seem to be living my best life these days, and I am so grateful.

I did also go to a naturopath, to talk about a couple of issues, and she suggested that maybe it would be good for me to take a rest from the plasma, to avoid “depleting” my body. Fair counterpoint to my last post, I suppose… so I’m now doing that, and trusting that another source(s) of income will come flowing joyfully and easefully toward me so that I can continue paying for my weekly bone-gym sessions. Sure enough, a few more paid cat sits do seem to be falling into my lap for the coming month. Two of them will be repeat clients, and the third is for a couple of acquaintances of mine with three cats and a koi pond!

And the other day, I built on this momentum by finally adding an official cat sitting page to my website! If you know of anyone who might be looking for a responsible and reasonably priced cat sitter, please feel free to send them my way.

I’ll end with some photos of the kitties and the trees. A bit of explication:

For the first half of July, I cared for a welcoming orange kitty named Booker. Within 15 minutes of my arrival at his home, he had hopped up into my lap on the couch. Our time together continued in that vein for the remainder of my stay. Every time I would return home after an absence, he would run up to meet me at the front door, and flop happily at my feet.

That house also contained a blueberry bush in the back yard, which had just begun producing when I arrived. Booker’s people had encouraged me to eat as many as I wished, and they even left some almond milk in the fridge for me.

My next—and current—sit, for the second half of July, is back with Marcel and Bertrand, the stunningly photogenic kitties you may recall from last February. I cannot get enough of these two. Bertrand, in particular (the lighter one, who often looks comically grumpy in photos) is actually so affectionate that on several evenings I have declared a “love fest” (and encouraged Marcel to join in, but he usually eyes us from a safe distance) where I kneel on the floor and Bert rubs back and forth against me—coating me in his fur, as is right and good for cats—for about ten minutes, purring loudly.

I am really going to miss these two again, when I leave on Sunday. Perhaps I’ll have the chance to return again some day.

The back yard in this place is also beautiful, and the tomato plant on the front steps also happened to begin producing exactly as I arrived. It has given me one beautifully ripe fruit each day since I have been here.

I love summer!!

Yesterday, after my bone gym appointment in Clackamas, I biked over to the nearby Mount Talbert Nature Park. It was my third time to visit this place, in as many years, and each time I have been struck by the absolute enchantment of the forest. The photos (including the one of the bridge at the beginning of this post) don’t completely do it justice.

My upcoming sit on Sunday, for about a week, will be for two littermate sister cats in a condo right near the train station! I’m so excited to experience this particular location.

I hope your summer (or winter, in the southern hemisphere) is going wonderfully as well.

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  1. Wow this really has inspired me. Iv been wanting to just go out there to and just see where the path takes me and thought it was unrealistic before but now im thinking otherwise.

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