Free year-review/new-year-intention sessions


It rained all day again today. I stayed in and got some cleaning done.

It’s going to rain all day tomorrow, too.

I might leave LA the day after—New Year’s Eve—since it’s supposed to be sunny again then. I’m not totally certain yet.

But I would love to support anyone reading this with a free one-hour session, by phone or video chat, to review/energetically wrap up 2021, and/or to set some intentions or visions for 2022. Not any hard-and-fast “resolutions,” or anything tinged with self-criticism or shame. But if you’d like to support yourself and give yourself some cool things to look forward to in the coming year, I’d be happy to help hold space for you to articulate some dreams or visions. I love helping people to visualize and hold space for their dreams.

I can offer these sessions tomorrow, Thursday the 30th, between 10 am and 7 pm Pacific Time. If that timing doesn’t work for you, we can make a time in the next week or so, although scheduling can get a bit tricky for me once I get back on the road again. But I trust that we can and will find a time, so don’t be shy to message me if this calls to you!

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