Faerie festival, and amazing sushi


Today was another multifaceted day. Gill and Jeremy picked me up (in a very warm rain) early this afternoon, and we headed out to a “faerie festival” in South Elgin, a town about 15 miles away. On the way, we met up with Erin, a woman Gill provides caregiving for. Erin loves fantasy fiction (both to read and write) and she and Gill love to attend the festival each year.

The rain had mostly stopped by the time we arrived, and the park was lovely, right on the banks of the Fox River. We checked out the various booths, listened to some traditional music, enjoyed seeing the oversized soap bubbles people were creating, and chatted with a few fellow attendees. The experience was out of the ordinary for me, and I had fun.

When Gill and Jeremy dropped me back off at Terri and Jim’s place, the latter two took me out to nearby Naperville to have a sushi dinner at a very popular restaurant with a separate vegan menu. We had to wait almost an hour and a half to be seated, but we took the opportunity to stroll the adjacent river walk, which was pleasant.

Once we got in and the food appeared on the table, it was wonderful! I am not generally a big fan of sushi (and a lot of vegan sushi is simply plain cucumber or avocado rolls) but this was amazing: very creative, flavorful, and filling. For dessert, we had the vegan chocolate torte with raspberry sorbet, which was also wonderful.

Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy again for the first part of the day, but in the afternoon I plan to get out and explore some more bike paths and nature parks; this area is chock-full of them!

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