Exploring video: Some thoughts on flood, pandemic, and a surreal time

For some time now, I’ve been thinking I should record some videos for this blog, sharing my perspectives on various topics and hopefully offering some resonance, camaraderie, and support to readers.

I’ve been nervous and shy to put myself out in this way, so I have been procrastinating.  But this surreal time is calling me to stretch myself and try something new.  I hope the following will be the first of many such short videos… yet, as I mention herein, I’m also choosing to be gentle with myself and not make unrealistic commitments.  So, for now I hope you will find something of value and/or resonance here.  Feel free to comment or message me with ideas of topics you might like to see me discuss in future installments.

And, as always, I hope you are taking good care of yourself.

2 thoughts on “Exploring video: Some thoughts on flood, pandemic, and a surreal time”

  1. Mychael McNeeley

    This is great, Maren. Debbie and I were just talking yesterday about needing to take things a day at a time (as I began to bring up the possibility that our son may not be back in school as we begin to work more). There is so much that might or might not happen in our futures, and sticking to what we need to do right now, even if that’s doing absolutely nothing, seems like a good idea.

    At the same time, I think it’s important to think about what kind of future we would like to bring about, and still do what we can to bring that about. Breathing, and sitting, and reflecting may be part of that “doing.” I’ve been doing a lot more “nothing” than normal, and am trying to remember to appreciate that I even have the privilege to do that.

    Sorry about all the upheaval you have been dealing with, and I am envisioning you thriving through it. It’s a strange time for sure.

    1. Thanks, Mychael! And yes, I absolutely agree that thinking of the kind of future we would like to bring about is really important too. I may do another video about that, actually. In this one I wanted to focus on self-acceptance, and being gentle with ourselves if we don’t have the energetic bandwidth to even do such future visioning. But, I wholeheartedly agree that when we do have that energy, those of us with dreams and visions of a better future–for ourselves and for the world–can and should take some time to do so.

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