Eugene’s glorious October


Wow, another three days in another wonderful place, surrounded by wonderful people! My time in Eugene has been incredibly beautiful, on every level.

I got to spend time and catch up with my wonderful hosts Mike and Jaimari; meet up for lunch and catching up with my longtime friend Drew; meet in person for the first time with my amazing former Portland neighbor Marcella; and have a delicious dinner and chat with my friend Gordon, as well as meeting his wonderful new partner Karen.

It even turned out that many of these people had met each other before, in various contexts, some of which they could not remember! Seems like my connector magic is working overtime in this place; it was fun to see people being surprised to recognize each other.

Marcella is an incredibly talented and passionate photographer, and I had hired her to do a “forest goddess” themed shoot for my upcoming 50th birthday. I hope to share some photos from the shoot in a later post, but they are not quite ready yet. But we spent the whole day together yesterday, cooking up visual magic while getting to know each other. (And we used props from Karen, who herself is an extremely talented photographer, who also used to do forest-goddess-themed shoots! Again, the “small world” within the vast world of my life fascinates and delights me.)

Meanwhile, while I traveled to and fro to meet up with these various folks, I got to enjoy the perfect weather and autumnal splendor of the riverside bike path here in Eugene. The path is beautiful in all seasons, but these past few days really looked spectacular. I’ll share the highlights in these photos.

Tomorrow I’ll be boarding an Amtrak bus back to the Portland area, for a few more weeks of dental work before I head down toward the redwoods in California.

The adventure continues!

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