Empathy, cats, and a magical rainbow!


Wow, it’s been quite a week! Thanks to those of you who sent supportive messages after my last post, in which I shared some of my recent struggles. I appreciated your witnessing and encouragement. This week, I feel more excitement, joy, and forward motion in my life.

For one thing, get a load of this forecast!

I should really know better, by now, than to trust it—and those three rainy days were showing as not rainy until about an hour ago, argh!—but it seems like a break from the rain and clouds is on its way. Those first three days reflect how the past few months have been, with very few breaks. But it appears some sun and warmth are on the horizon, and that makes a world of difference in my mood.

Next, look at this amazing collage that my new friend Zen Achilles made for me! It’s made from imagery I had recently posted on Facebook. That pic of me is ten years old—in Washington, DC on my East Coast Empathy Tour—but I love how the collage combines many of my recent cat-sitting pics with some recent flower photos… as well as me doing my on-the-street empathy!


Today I’ve made up a couple of new signs, and if the rain holds off tomorrow, I plan to tow them in my bike trailer to a public place with some folding chairs, and set up camp for a few hours in the afternoon, talking to people about their dreams and whatever else may be on their minds.

It’s been ten years since I’ve done this—and back then it was just empathy, without the dream focus that I’m especially excited about these days—and I think it’s time again. As I recently wrote about my dream for my life’s work, I think this is it. I love supporting people all over the world via video chats, but when the weather is pleasant, I like the idea of offering this support in person as well. If things go well tomorrow, I hope to continue these events throughout the summer here in Oregon, and then possibly “take the show on the road” as I travel elsewhere in the US and overseas, following the magic of beautiful weather.

Wish me luck!!

Speaking of life magic, the other day I was out bicycling to the store in the rain, when what should I suddenly spot but a brilliant rainbow seemingly springing directly from a set of train tracks.

How perfect is that for me?? I’ve been recently self-identifying as an “enchanted rainbow zillionaire” (maybe I’ll explain more of what I mean by that in a future post) and here was the perfect visual for it, railroad and all!

I’ll leave you with a few more cute pics of my latest feline charge, Coconut. And if you know of anyone who may need cat sitting—especially in Oregon for the coming months—please feel free to send them to my Rover profile, which contains my rates, availability, and references.

(Oh, and if you’d like a cool collage of yourself or someone else, Zen takes commissions—let me know if you’re interested, and I can put you in touch!)

Here’s to spring, cats, rainbows, empathy, and inspiration!

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