Del Mar!


What a wonderful day! I was hand-delivered from the gracious hospitality of my Newport Beach host Janna to the gracious hospitality of my longtime friend Michele in Escondido. (Some of you may recall that I stayed with Michele for a few days back in October, on my way to northern California from Arizona.)

Janna and I stopped on our way down, to visit the beautiful mission church at San Juan Capistrano. I loved how the sun hit the architecture at that particular time of day.

Shortly after Janna dropped me off in Escondido, Michele and I headed out for an excursion to the dog beach at Del Mar, with her adorable coonhound Dawa. While the two of them scampered on the beach with the other dogs and their people, I climbed the stairs to the serene lookout area on the cliff above. It was so restful, and I drank in what will be one of my last experiences of the Pacific Ocean until probably next September, when I complete my loop.

Today felt especially poignant, when Facebook reminded me that exactly two years ago to the day, I had been here in southern California with Michele and her friend Jennifer, visiting a wolf sanctuary in Julian. Looking at myself in the photo reminded me, in turn, that this was only two days before my life would begin turning upside down: January 7th, 2020, was when my condo flooded and displaced me for three months, beginning the nightmare that was 2020 and all the challenges that followed. In hindsight, I can appreciate that all of those “rugs being pulled out from under me” led me to this most amazing journey of my life, so I can value it from that perspective. Still, it’s interesting to look back at this previous version of myself, who had absolutely zero idea of what was coming down the pike, for myself and for the world.


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