Deadwood to Florence


The ocean!

Another wonderful day! I’m so glad I took this trip out to the coast. I biked about 28 miles today, along Hwy 36 and then 126, to get from Deadwood to Florence. (My bags were first “blessed” by a friendly neighbor horse, as you can see.)

The scenery today was almost as awe-inspiring as yesterday; this wooded valley corridor is incredible.

Arriving in Florence, my host graciously picked me up in the cute old town area to take me to her absolutely idyllic cottage just south of town. It’s situated on an acre, and feels private and magical.

The winds had started to pick up as I neared the coast—I had heard they would—but for some reason I didn’t find that too bothersome on my bike, and the temperature was pleasantly cool. Rain is forecast for tonight and tomorrow, which makes me glad that I’ll be taking a bus back to Eugene, rather than cycling in the soggy weather. (Of course, I’m very thankful for the rain—Oregon desperately needs it!)

On the way back to the house, my host drove me around to the beach and a few river-view and lake-view areas. This place is absolutely full of waterways and bodies of water, in addition to its iconic dunes.

Tomorrow before I head back east, I’m looking forward to checking out the old town area a bit more, and soaking up the ambience of this lovely seaside town.

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2 thoughts on “Deadwood to Florence”

  1. I had just passed through Florence like ~1 week before this. This was my birthday, and I had just finished my walk up the coast and started cutting inland toward Yellowstone. Actually I was in Mitchell, so it was probably closer to 10 days. Either way, it’s still wild that I just stumbled on your blog when we were that close together.

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