Back to Portland, after a lovely California refresher


I looked down from my airplane window this afternoon—I was lucky to have a window seat, with an empty middle seat next to me, on an otherwise almost full flight—to see what I’m nearly certain was Crater Lake below. I had never seen Crater Lake before, except in photos, and it was so beautiful to witness from above, especially ringed as it was by snow.

This was an apt visual metaphor for my transition back to the cold here in Portland after temps in the high 60s this past week in the Los Angeles area.

I’m so glad I took this little trip. I got to connect with my cousin Nathalie (the last time I saw her was more than a year ago, as I was just embarking on my travels) and a dear friend and his wife in Pomona, and I also met many new friends in the Santa Monica area.

I also connected with several cute kitties and doggies, and got my fill of sunshine and ocean views.

This was the reset I was needing.

For the month of February, I’ve got four cat sits lined up here in the Portland area, all seamlessly linked, so I’m excited to experience some adorable and snuggly kitties (two of whom are toilet trained!) and some new-to-me living spaces.

I’ll also be continuing to flesh out my new travel dream, from this coming May to the following May, hopefully around most of the US and a bit of Canada, plus a big chunk of Europe!

I’ll also be dreaming into how to manifest the financial and logistical means to do this. I’ve been thinking a lot of about living my life from mamnoon energy, and will probably write more about that soon.

For now, I’m basking in the afterglow of my California days, and looking forward to these next few months here in Oregon. I’m also energized, as always, to support anyone who may feel drawn to connecting for an hour by phone or video chat, to explore your dreams and/or challenges. I do this for free these days, as my primary contribution to life, and always enjoy supporting people in their thriving. If you or someone you know might like an hour of this supportive energy, feel free to drop me a line!

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2 thoughts on “Back to Portland, after a lovely California refresher”

  1. Love, love, love your photos, Maren! And as always, you’re inspiring me! As I get better in my recovery from addiction and codependency I would like to take you up on your offer of listening sometime in the near future. I need to focus on my dreams and visions more!

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