Art in Fort Worth


Today was still cold (in the 30s when my host Susan and I first headed out at 11:00 am) but I made it a day of artsy sightseeing.

First, Susan took me to the “cultural district” of town, where there are many museums within a short walking distance of each other. To be honest, I’ve never been much of a “museum person,” but it did seem like a good way to spend a chilly day. I ended up visiting three art museums, all of which offered free admission, which was really cool.

Over the next few hours, while Susan went into town to take care of some remote work for her job, I explored the Fort Worth Modern Art Museum, the world-renowned Kimbell Art Museum, and the Amon Carter Museum of American Art. In that last one, I found many landscape paintings with beautiful lighting effects, including one of Willamette Falls in Oregon City! Just south of Portland, that is a place I have loved to ride beside on the train, many times over the years.

Amidst my museum wanderings, I also used my Happycow app to locate two vegan restaurants within walking distance: Juice Junkies and Cinnaholic. I availed myself of both, enjoying first a mock chicken salad sandwich, and then a decadent frosted brownie.

Along my way between the museums and the restaurants and back, I passed a number of artsy street scenes as well, so I captured a few of those.

When Susan picked me up from the Carter in mid-afternoon, she then took me to another cool local attraction, the Fort Worth Water Gardens. It was a really cool park, with two beautiful fountains—an active one and a still one—and a nice brick 1976 film Logan’s Run.

We walked around the park for a short while, and then met up with her husband Bill for another meal at the Fort Worth location of Spiral Diner. This time I ordered the house-made burger, which was great, and I noticed that the mustard did indeed form a spiral!

It’s been a short but enjoyable time here in Fort Worth. Tomorrow, on to Austin!

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