Another beautiful day in Savannah


Today marks seven months since I embarked on this grand adventure. My, how time flies. I am loving it as much now as I did the day I left. And, I’m looking forward to the five and a half months that still stretch before me.

Today was another beautiful day here in Savannah. Yesterday was chilly, so I stayed inside all day and attended to administrative tasks, such as filing my taxes (hallelujah, and I hope I did them right, for my first time on the road and first time with rental income to report) and dealing with some drama at my Portland storage unit. (I think all is now OK, thanks to the help of a Portland friend.) I also spent some time securing lodging for my next couple of nights here, and starting to work on my second swing through the Raleigh area, in a few days.

But today, Robert and I walked from his place to a nearby coffee shop, the Sentient Bean, to meet up with his friend Joanna for brunch. We enjoyed vegan breakfast tacos and burritos, and even a housemade vegan lavender brownie.

Then we walked through the magical Forsyth Park again, and then returned to the house to lounge on the comfortable front porch for a spell. Then I set out for the riverfront once more, noticing architecture (including two streamline moderne buildings!) and of course trees and Spanish moss… and then another new-to-me fruit!

I had heard of loquats once before, when I was in San Diego a few months ago. I had spotted what appeared to be a fruit tree in a neighborhood park there and, curious about the fruit, posted a pic on Facebook. A few friends guessed they were loquats, until my tree-expert friend weighed in to say they were not. But this made me curious about loquats, and I looked them up online.

However, I did not expect to stumble upon a line of loquat trees right on the street in Savannah today! I identified the tree using my National Geographic Seek app (which I recommend, by the way, to identify plants and even animals while out walking) and then picked one up to taste it. I was pleased with the flavor, and as I was enjoying it, a young man walked by and said, “Aren’t those great? I always grab a handful when I’m walking by there.”

Nice. Fellow neighborhood-fruit enthusiast!

After my serendipitous snack, I made my way north to the Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist. The inside of the structure was closed to the public today, but I enjoyed the beautiful exterior.

Then I went back to the riverside, to indulge in a weak, overpriced, touristy strawberry daiquiri and some French fries at an outdoor table. I continued to appreciate the Savannah architecture and cobblestones along the way.

Finally, I returned to Robert’s house, and bade him (and his impossibly cute dog) a thank you and farewell.

I jumped on my bike and pedaled directly south just a bit shy of two miles to reach my new Warmshowers host, Yossi, and his own two wonderful doggies.

He only recently moved into this house—and is relatively new to Savannah, hailing originally from the Washington, DC area, as I do—and has already planted two plum trees and one fig tree.


Tomorrow, for my last day here in town, I hope to visit the botanical garden and one more vegan restaurant, and possibly meet up with a few local folks. Then, back to Raleigh!

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