ACLU empathy benefit in a fraught February

How are you all hanging in there? I don’t have tell any of you that it’s rough. It’s really rough right now. On so many fronts.

I’ll keep this short. I’ve been marching, sending money to activist organizations, contacting my elected representatives (over and over and over)… but I also want to contribute to a vision of a loving and just world by using my personal strengths, specifically empathy and inspiration.

So, for the month of February, I will be donating 10% of all Happy to Listen and Dream Into Change proceeds to the ACLU. And, in conjunction, I’m offering sliding-scale sessions, because those most impacted and stressed by our current situation are quite possibly also those with the least access to disposable income.

So if you would like to set aside some “empyting out”/recharging time with someone who gets it, please feel free to schedule a session of any length during the month of February. More info on what to expect at and I can do in-person, phone, or Skype sessions. You set the price, and 10% of it will go to the ACLU. You can contact me via the websites, or by phone at 971-303-8395.

Until next time… please take good care of yourselves as we move through all of this.

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