Boston Common, and a remarkable cyclist


Today started out with pouring rain. The forecast showed that it would continue most of the day, so I planned to stay indoors mostly, and maybe venture out to a museum or two.

But by late morning, it had cleared up, and as the day unfolded, the sun came out and no more rain fell!

So I took the opportunity to spend some quality time in Boston Common, which had been my original intention for the day.

Once again, I enjoyed the architecture on the way to and from the park. While at the park, the lighting conditions changed considerably over the course of the few hours I was there, as you can see. It was pretty cool.

In the early evening, I made my way back to Diane’s place and packed up the rig to continue on to the place of my new Servas host, Farah.

On the way, though, I noticed something remarkable: a cyclist in the bike lane ahead of me on the busy thoroughfare of Columbus Avenue was picking up trash as he rode. He had one of those long picker-upper sticks that people carry sometimes to clean sidewalks. He held the gadget in his right hand, and picked up pieces of debris that ranged in size from a cigarette butt to a crumpled paper fast-food meal bag. He would deposit the trash in his front basket. All of this without breaking his stride, in the bike lane on a busy street! (It was all I could do to manage myself on that street.) At times he would reach back and put the gadget into some sort of holder that was attached to the back of his bike. But then after maybe half a block or so, he’d see more trash, and take it out again. I even saw him reach it partway under a car at one point.

Wow. Kudos to you, sir! The world needs more people like you.

I arrived at Farah’s place just in time to share a delicious and healthy meal she had prepared, while we talked about travel and such. It’s a short stay here—just one night—so I’ll be on my way around noon tomorrow. Tomorrow will be my last night in Boston, before I head west in Massachusetts to Springfield.

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